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Copy Our Profitable Forex Trades-It’s Free

Let’s Freely Trade Forex For You

We are both programmers and Forex traders. We programme both in metatrader4(MQL4) and metatrader5( MQL5) languages.  We have programmed tens of profitable strategies . So Our trading is both robot and manual based. We have tens of tested and live traded and profitable robots that will make you happy. You are invited to trade with us free of cost of robots(Expert Adviser). We only charge performance fee of 25% on profits made for you. Sound cool and fair. This is to make life easy for traders to help many gain financial freedom.

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Through Forex copy services provided by many brokers today, it is now easy for newbie or amateur traders to still grow their income by connecting to the trades performed by experienced traders. Forex copy trading is a very simple process as it is manged by the broker who automatically allows you copy the trades of the trader you are following according to the parameters you chose during application.

How It Works

Copy trading does not relinquish account access and control from Forex account owner. Only you will have full control and access to your Forex account. In your login area, the Forex broker displays the professional traders you can choose to trade for you. There is also search button to enable you find your desired trader. The Forex broker helps you to automatically trade when the trader you are following trades.

Here in Fx Simple Ways, we let you freely copy our trades only if you registered with our chosen broker using our referral link.
To copy our trades, please take the following steps:

  1. Open a Live Forex Account with our Broker.
  2. Verify your account by submitting copy of your national ID(NIN, Voters Card, or Driver’s License). Submit also copy of stamped and signed recent bank statement which contains the address you want to use for the Forex account.  Wait for the account to be approved.
  3. Locate Copy trading at the left side of menu bar, and click on it.
  4. Click on Investor Area
  5. Click on Choose a Trader. Search For Godspower. Read and follow the instructions to complete application. Set Amount and start to copy trades.  Keep your account details safe in your diary. Before you finish copy trading registration, you will be prompted to make deposit to your wallet account.
  6. Fund/Deposit money to your Copy Trading account with minimum of $50(allowable but $200 and above is recommended).
  7. When setting up your copy trading account, make sure you choose proportional or Equal. Choose Proportional if you are depositing $150 or above. Choose Equal if you are depositing $100 or below.  We make sure our trading equity is always below $150 in order to accommodate participants with big and small trading capital.
  8. Once you are through with the above processes, trade is entered for you whenever we trade and you will be earning with us. We trade and manage trades for you.

Note:  Minimum deposit to qualify to copy our trades is $50 but we recommend a minimum of $200 start up capital for more reasonable profits.

 Earn Freely With Our Free Copy Forex Trading Services.

You can also open account through the image link below to get your Forex Account Opened. Once you are done with this, quickly add or deposit money to your account with a minimum of $50 to qualify for our free profitable copytrading service.


If you have fulfilled the required conditions, you can fill the form below to inform us.

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